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DML Medya

Marketing Agency: Google Adwords, Facebook ads, and more.


New Website: BlueAlliance of BlueNET Visit site: BlueAlliance See example of powerful video gallery here Service Line: Business Analytics Services BlueALLIANCE uniquely combines monitoring, maintenance, support and development as a bundled Business...

Basak Malone

Başak Malone LLC is a boutique arts company based in NYC, specializing in the arts with a distinctive focus on international art projects, events and participation. The company operates in different business segments uniquely designed for the...


Grafxion designed logo, images, and the initial website in 2015. Visit site: The Turkish American Cultural Association of Florida is a Non Profit Corporation that has been registered with the Attorney General’s office of the State of...


Grafxion has designed logo, website and integrated live chat support, embedded live real estate data from MLS.
Visit site:

BlueNET Technologies

Grafxion started work with BlueNET and built the initial website in 2011. Visit Site: Visit Blog Site: BlueBLOG Visit Support Site: BlueALLIANCE & BlueSPACE WHO BLUENET IS: END-TO-END INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) SOLUTION PROVIDER...

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